Iti Daruiesc un Martisor

Iti daruiesc un martisor #martisor#martisoare#1martie#romanianmartisor

Din stralucirea fulgilor de nea,
Din razele care strabat prin nor,
Din neschimbata, vesnica, iubirea mea,
Iti daruiesc un martisor!

Alb-rosu impletit cu gingasie,
La piept sa-ti umple inima de dor,
De pace, dragoste, iubire, bucurie,
Iti daruiesc un martisor!

Simbol de viata noua, primavara,
Pasind prin timp firavul calator,
La tine-n piept e azi o “piatra rara”
Micutul meu si sincer martisor!

Marius Alexandru


Imbratisati #dragobete

Am prins in palmele mele reci,

Sclipirile iubirii din ochii tai senini,

Am vrut sa ramai o vesnicie, nicicand sa nu mai pleci…

Imbratisati, se ne ascundem pururi in lumini.

Am strans apoi usor la pieptul meu,

Suavul trup al tau de floare,

Am vrut sa raman acolo, o vesnicie cu tine mereu…

Imbratisati, sa ne-mprastiem parfumul inspre soare.

Am atins cu obrazul meu rosu si cald,

Obrazul tau alb, catifelat

Si-am inteles pe loc ca viata-ntreaga-o sa ma scald,

In apele iubirii ce in soapta-ti dulce am aflat.

Am sters lacrimile, al suferintelor nectar,

Iar zambetul ti l-am lasat liber sa zboare,

Si am ramas acolo impreuna, zilnic coplesiti de har,

Imbratisati pasim incet spre ultima Chemare.

Marius Alexandru

In the Shadow of Your Wings

In the Shadow of Your Wings

There’s a place where safety resides,
Where I can hide from all my enemies,
There’s a place where The Father gracefully provides,
Where I can hear Victor’s melody.

There’s a place where any scar is healed,
And all my tears are wiped away,
There’s a place where my soul with peace is filled,
A place where I would always happily stay.

To that place, I often run,
I lay down my fears and woes,
I enjoy the rising sun,
And my new white as snow clothes.

In the shadow of Your wings,
The safest place I have known,
Beside the still waters and the cooling springs,
In the shadow of Your wings, never alone.

When the storms of life are coming,
When the winds so angry roar,
When I feel my world is crashing,
I dream of that Golden Shore.

Marius Alexandru

Celebrating Brâncuși

#BrâncușiDay #Brâncuși #ZiuaBrâncuși

Constantin Brâncuși, one of Romania’s most celebrated artists, born 145 years ago, on February 19,1876 in Hobiţa, Gorj, Romania, was a sculptor, painter, and photographer who made his career in France. Considered one of the most influential sculptors of the 20th-century and a pioneer of modernism, Brâncuși is called „the patriarch of modern sculpture.” He studied in Bucharest, in Munich, and at École des Beaux-Arts in Paris from 1905 to 1907. His art emphasizes clean geometrical lines that balance forms inherent in his materials with the symbolic allusions of representational art. Brâncuși was inspired by non-European cultures as a source of primitive exoticism, as did Paul Gauguin, Pablo Picasso, and others. Other big influences emerge from Romanian folk art traceable through Byzantine and Dionysian traditions.

My Romanian Language

Sweet, melodious there’s no other

like my language in this world,

From the lips of my grandmother,

every word is shining pearled.


If you carefully listen,

If you have the time and patience,

I am sure you too can hear it,

At “The Table of Silence”

At “The Endless Column”

With Brancusi dreaming along

Our language so solemn

Like an old, enchanted gong


Marius Alexandru



In orasu-n care ninge trei sau patru luni pe an,

Oameni reci, inchisi in case,

Stau plangand acest greu an,

In orasu-n care ninge trei sau patru luni pe an,

Sub gigantii de otel,

Cate-un trecator stingher,

Insotit de-un biet catel,

Dardaie cuprins de ger,

In orasu-n care ninge trei sau patru luni pe an.

In orasu-n care ninge trei sau patru luni pe an,

Feţe-ntunecoase, oameni

parca scosi dintr-un roman,

In orasu-n care ninge trei sau patru luni pe an,

Sunt lipsiti de-mbratisari,

Si de-o strangere de mana,

Nu se mai aud cantari,

Iar tristetea e stapana,

In orasu-n care ninge trei sau patru luni pe an.

In orasu-n care ninge trei sau patru luni pe an,

Norii gri domnesc pe boltă,

Parca totul e in van,

In orasu-n care ninge trei sau patru luni pe an,

Inimile-s inghetate,

Sufletele gem de dor,

Lacrimi mari cad cadentate,

Cand pe rand oamenii mor,

In orasu-n care ninge trei sau patru luni pe an.

Marius Alexandru

I Dream of a New Land

my soul chained with fears
caged in a dark place
cries with sorrowful tears
down my pale, hollow face

the notes of my song die
before even being born
my broken wings cannot fly
deep in my heart, I can feel
this sharp, constant thorn

I dream of a new land
the land of the blue skies
-the land of the free-
across this desert,
across this dry sand
across this stormy sea

will I dare to act on my dreams?
will I dare to rise and break my chains?
will I dare to free all the inside screams?
will I dare to reveal all my pains?

my soul without any fears
flies free in a colorful place
cries with new happy tears
down my bright, beautiful face

a new song is born in an instant
I carry it on my new silver wings
there’s no time and no distance
I’m born in the eternal existence
my heart forever sings

I dream of a new land
the land of the blue skies
-the land of the free-
across this desert,
across this dry sand
across this stormy sea

Marius Alexandru


„The caged bird sings   
with a fearful trill   
of things unknown   
but longed for still   
and his tune is heard   
on the distant hill   
for the caged bird   
sings of freedom.”

Maya Angelou, “Caged Bird” 

Lost Without You by Marius Alexandru

Ephemeral Elegies

Lost, wandering the dark paths of my empty soul,
Suspended between earth and paradise,
With this sharp pain and dreams beyond my control,
My thoughts of you like silent stars arise,

The only light I see it’s in your eyes,
The only sound I hear is from your laughter,
and from the love’s arrow that flies and flies,
for our lost love chasing after.

Why are you hiding now, my love?
Or maybe you are yet unborn?
I’m mourning silently like a deep hurt dove,
There are no roses without a thorn.

I thought I could survive alone,
But I am lost forever without you,
I am like a cold, gray, broken stone,
Come back to me, let’s start anew.

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About the Poet:

Marius Alexandru born, and raised in Arad, Romania, came to the United States in 1997, where he currently lives with his…

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Inside Your Scars

Inside your scars grows a new flower,
After a miserable long pitch-dark night,
After the cruel betrayal hour,
Bright colors glisten in the new morning light.

Your wound itches hurt and bleed,
But from your scarring and tears, and pains,
Will magically grow love’s eternal seed,
and bloom white flowers in spring’s rains.

The countless bruises make you stronger,
Through this temporary hardship,
you learned perseverance, endurance, patience,
Just wait, my friend, a little longer,
You soon will shine in His glorious presence.

Marius Alexandru


Din departari din infinit, esti langa mine,

Si soapta Ta e-un strigat de putere,

Prin incercari si greutati mi-atat de bine,

Nuiaua Ta-i adesea pentru mine… mangaiere.

Am Pacea Ta, in viscol si furtuna,

Legat in lantul dragostei e-atata libertate,

Milioane de-ani lumina departare… totusi impreuna,

Si-n lutu-acesta pamantesc respir… eternitate.

Un zambet plange-ncet in intristari,

Si-o lacrima zambeste-n bucurii,

Din glasuri nerostite se aud chemari,

Un singur dor, in piepturi mii de mii.

Pietre scumpe, nestemate-s mucegai… gunoi,

Un colt de paine si-un pahar de apa… o comoara,

Belsug si fericire, in nevoi,

Sarac si trist iar multa bogatie… doar povara.

Secunda, clipa, uneori e-o vesnicie,

Iar anii ce s-au dus… un vis frumos,

Viata insasi, abur, zbor… vremelnicie,

Moartea… Viata Noua cu Hristos.

Atatea paradoxuri neintelese par,

Si tot ce stim e uneori mister,

Nu meritam nimic si totusi… Har,

Si… Iesle, Jertfa, Cruce, Inviere, Cer!

Marius Alexandru