I Need You by Marius Alexandru

Ephemeral Elegies

Every night I dream your kisses, Your gentle touches and your sweet perfume, Last summer’s endless, silent blisses, Your magic eyes, your youthful bloom. I can feel your hand in my ruffled hair, The love that’s coming from your moving lips, Do you want that love with me to share, and to sail forever in eternal ships? We will melt together in the sunset, And will rise again in every morning, We’ll go so far as far we’ll get, Our love will be a fire burning. There’s something about you that I know I need, Maybe your smile, or your gentle soul, Don’t make my heart again bleed, My love for you is beyond my control. There’s something about you that I know I need, I do, This is a new feeling that I never knew before, I got it now. I know that what I need is YOU, Just…

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