We Have to Make a Change by Marius Alexandru

„This life is short, is like a drop,
We have to laugh and sing and smile,”

Ephemeral Elegies

It is so tragic and so strange to still get tied to hate, so strong, I think it’s time to make a change, And all, in love, to come along. This life is short, is like a drop, We have to laugh and sing and smile, We have to smell a flower and to stop, We have to listen to the birds for a while. We have to watch the sky, the stars and to walk barefoot in the sand, We have to caress all the scars, We have to lend an open hand. We have to kiss a friend and a brother, We have to hug more often, strangers We have to love again each other, We have to fly by faith with angels. We have to make a change today, Give us the power and the will, There is for us no other Way, Until we’ll pass over…

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